With flying colors

As adult coloring continues its meteoric rise in popularity, Toyota becomes the first automaker to incorporate it in its marketing efforts with an app.

Download the app
Download the app

"I always wanted to do a coloring book," says illustrator Ella Tjader from her home studio in Zurich, Switzerland, and she goes on to say that her illustration style made her a natural choice for the RAV4 pages that will be added to adult coloring app Pigment.

"Usually, I am commissioned to do fashion or flowers/nature," she continues. "This time, however, there were a lot of different angles: mountains, canoes, farmers market, coyotes. It was really exciting."

She talks about the project with genuine enthusiasm.

"I had [the] freedom to express myself…. Adding small details like trees, birds or water features like [a] waterfall or stream were left up to me."

Ella's childhood in Lithuania was spent drawing and painting pictures of princesses in puffy dresses. (Old school friends still have the pictures she gave them years ago.)

But after studying graphic design, she began building her portfolio and looking for clients. Her elegant and intricate style has attracted fashion magazines, retail stores and manufacturers alike.

The RAV4 project was her first commission for an auto brand.

"It is a good change from your typical, straightforward art-accompanied car ad," she says. "It's different and hopefully it will attract attention."

One thing's for sure: Exposure won't be an issue. The Pigment app has more than 4.6 million users on iOS, plus an Android version that launched in December.

But how does Ella feel about other people adding color to her artwork?

"I really want to see special, unique vision[s] of the world I drew," she smiles. "Maybe mountains could be purple? Or pink clouds?"

RAV4 is set for some extremely colorful adventures.

Download, print and color the PDF.

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Check out Ella's work.

Personal website: artlaundry.com

Agent's website: illustrationweb.com/ellatjader